The Chronicle of the Final Light

A military SF/Space Opera sequel series to The War in Shadow Saga.


BOOK 1 of The Chronicle of the Final Light

Empires are forged in fire and quenched by blood

Avery Shetty joined the Marines to pay for his engineering degree. It meant leaving behind the woman of his dreams. Now it might mean losing his life.

When an ancient alien threat rises, Avery finds himself on the front line of a war he can’t understand, facing a relentless and merciless enemy. What had been an attempt to create a peaceful galactic union becomes a desperate gambit for survival.

This struggle could destroy more than his dreams—it could be the end of the human race.

If you’re a fan of epic tales of action, intrigue, and war, then you’ll love Forge of Empire, the first book in The Chronicle of the Final Light series.

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BOOK 2 of The Chronicle of the Final Light

Operation Noble Defense was supposed to establish the Kedraalian Republic as a new superpower in the galaxy. It failed.

When the front line collapses, Private Avery Shetty finds himself isolated behind Oranian positions. Cut off, close to collapse, and low on supplies, he’s just another forgotten member of the failed planetary defense force. Any hope of rescue starts with sneaking past the Oranian war machines hunting down survivors.

But the ground war isn’t the only element of the conflict. If the combined fleet can’t stand against the Oranians’ unstoppable dreadnoughts, there will be no escape from the doomed planet.

There’s only one chance for Avery, and time is running out.

Fans of tales of action, intrigue, and strife will love Sudden Strike, book two in The Chronicle of the Final Light series.

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BOOK 3 of The Chronicle of the Final Light

The race has been run, and now comes a new struggle.

Private Avery Shetty always saw war as horrific, but the life of the prisoner proves even worse. Torture, abuse, terror—the Oranian conquerors have no humanity. Worse, they may not even be the greatest threat.

As bad as things are on Ferekon, the ripples of the failed military campaign spread throughout the Kedraalian Republic. While Shetty and his comrades suffer, violence and instability undermine the very reason they fight.

With support for the Marines collapsing, Shetty’s only hope for survival is himself.

The vast, action-packed tale of military science fiction and space opera continues in Breakout, book three in The Chronicle of the Final Light series.


BOOK 4 of The Chronicle of the Final Light

Freedom dies not on the battlefield but with the betrayal of failed leaders.

While Private Avery Shetty guides a small group of Galactic League soldiers to rescue, the overstretched Kedraalian Republic military faces other challenges. The disastrous campaign against the Oranians exposes the vulnerabilities of the unprepared fleet and distracts everyone from the real threat: the corrupt prime minister.

Thanks to enemies old and new, the great experiment that had been the human republic faces collapse. Only heroes willing to question long-held beliefs and stand against impossible odds have any hope of victory.

As a Marine, Shetty refuses to abandon his comrades or to forget his duties, but the struggle traps many noble warriors.

Does action-packed military science fiction and sprawling space opera laced with espionage and intrigue interest you? If so, you need to pick up Final Treachery, book four in The Chronicle of the Final Light. series.

The War in Shadow Series

A military SF/Space Opera series that follows humanity to the stars centuries from now.


BOOK 1 of The War in Shadow Saga

One wrong move means interstellar war.

Faith Benson was a distinguished officer heading for a promising career. Then came her assignment to the Pandora. A posting aboard a search-and-rescue ship was usually the end of the line in the Kedraalian Republic Navy.

When an accident sends the Pandora into the demilitarized zone separating the Republic from its greatest enemy, the ship's reckless captain follows an SOS signal into enemy territory. Once the rescue begins, things quickly spiral out of control, putting Faith's leadership abilities to the test.

Can she save her crew from capture, or will the misguided rescue operation lead to war?

Grab this suspenseful military space opera tale to find out!


BOOK 2 of The War in Shadow Saga

Escaping death should have been the final act of Faith Benson's career.

Instead, she finds herself thrown into a mission that’s just as hopeless as the one that killed the Pandora crew.

Once again, she’s sent into enemy space, this time commanding a cobbled-together task force. Their charge: rescue vital intelligence data from a secret base just beyond the demilitarized zone.

But the mission is compromised from the start, another disastrous mess put together by rival intelligence agencies.

Beneath each layer of lies and deception she finds only more betrayal. To prevent war, Benson must forge her own path, even if it means destroying her career.


BOOK 3 of The War in Shadow Saga

War awaits.

After completing another impossible mission, Commander Faith Benson heads home to Kedraal. Will she be hailed as hero or criminal?

With no idea who really ordered her into enemy territory, she feels like a pawn in a complicated game playing out between rival intelligence agencies and political factions.

But her worries are quickly overcome by greater threats not just to her and the task force she commands but to the Kedraalian Republic itself. Can she find trustworthy allies in time to save everything she values?

The answers are hidden in shadow.


BOOKS 1-3 of The War in Shadow Saga

Humanity has escaped the dead Earth, but can they escape their dark flaws?

Distinguished officer Faith Benson seemed headed for a promising career in the Kedraalian Republic Navy. Then came her dead-end assignment to the search-and-rescue ship Pandora.

After an accident sends the Pandora into the demilitarized zone separating the Republic from the brutal Azoren Federation, a series of events pushes the two powers closer to war.

And when war involves starships capable of bombarding planets, there are no winners.

Pick up First Shadow and dig in to the first three books in this twisty, suspenseful military space opera tale and find out what's in the shadows.


BOOK 4 of The War in Shadow Saga

Betrayal awaits in the shadows.

After surviving a sneak attack by the Azoren Federation, Captain Faith Benson must forge an alliance with the Gulmar Union. But before she can connect with her potential allies, disaster strikes. Now the freshly minted captain has to contend with a crumbling government and troublesome subordinates. Her leadership skills are put to the test, even as allies try to root out traitors and conspiracies.

And when an unexpected threat presents itself, all the efforts put into diplomacy collapse.

With time running out, Faith has to find a way not only to salvage the alliance but to save her fleet.

Ready for twists and turns? Then get your copy of this riveting military space opera tale today!


BOOK 5 of The War in Shadow Saga

What would you do to save your people?

Captain Faith Benson brought the most powerful task force ever assembled into Gulmar space to form an alliance against their mutual enemies, the Azoren Federation. That alliance went out the window when the Gulmar capital was destroyed by an even greater threat: the Khanate.

Now Benson and the last of the Gulmar security forces must travel to the Azoren home world of Himmel to strike a deal with their psychotic enemies. Without that deal, there's no chance they can stand against this new enemy.

But the terms of the alliance may be worse than anyone expected, and it may cost Benson everything she holds dear.

Get your copy of Shadow Pawn today, and dive into the thrilling world of intrigue and twisted betrayal.


BOOK 6 of The War in Shadow Saga

It's too late to turn back.

When Captain Faith Benson accepts the aid of the Azoren Federation, she compromises the integrity of her task force. The leader of the Azoren ships proves to be not just an ideological zealot but a maniac.

To make matters worse, the wily captain of the enemy fleet proves uncannily evasive, capable of striking and disappearing before a meaningful engagement takes place.

Benson's only hope of success requires outwitting this enemy captain, but she must do so while keeping her own alliance from unraveling.

Get Shadow Fall now, and immerse yourself into the thrilling, final installment of the War in Shadow Saga.


BOOKS 4-6 of The War in Shadow Saga

Death hides in the shadows.

Following a sneak attack by the Azoren Federation, Captain Faith Benson seeks an alliance to save the Kedraalian Republic. But the threat is worse than anyone could have known, and the lines between enemy and ally constantly shift.

With an unstable ideological zealot commanding a dangerous component of her allied fleet, Faith finds herself caught between enemies bent on genocidal solutions. Millions of lives depend on her every command.

With her own government remaining conveniently silent on the tricky balance she walks, the choices she makes stand to end not only her career but the people she has dedicated her life to defending.

Collecting books four, five, and six of the War in Shadow Saga, Last Shadow concludes the thrilling military science fiction space opera tale. If you enjoy high-energy action and intrigue, you’ll love this series.

Infinite Realms

Part Mil-SF, part cyberpunk, part portal fantasy, and all action. This is the story of Riyun Molliro, a down-on-his-luck mercenary commander hired to retrieve the missing daughter of a powerful executive. He could never have expected what awaits him.



Some things are better left alone.

When Riyun Molliro refuses to allow a superior to commit war crimes, it comes at a cost: his career. With opportunities running out, it looks like basic decency will be the end of his mercenary life, the only real option in the Outer Sphere. Then comes the call he’s been desperate for, an opportunity that could turn everything around.

How hard could it be to find a powerful business executive’s missing daughter? The answer to that question opens doors better left closed.

Pick up the high-octane thriller Call of Destiny, and begin your wild trek through the Infinite Realms.



There’s no escaping the fire.

Riyun Molliro was a simple mercenary, too honorable for a corrupt world and desperate for work. A long shot job to bring home a powerful executive’s daughter took him inside Wholesale Fantasy, a game unlike any other. Now he finds himself fighting for his life against the most powerful wizard ever known and the unstoppable dragon that serves him.

Rescuing the young woman is all that matters, but that requires finding her first. With the wizard and dragon in pursuit, it’s Riyun who needs rescue.

But wizards and dragons aren’t the only threats in the game. In fact, they may not even be the worst.

Grab your copy of The Dark Realm and continue the thrilling military sci-fi cyberpunk tale of Infinite Realms.



He thought wizards and dragons were the deadliest threat he could face. He was wrong.

Like any good mercenary, Riyun Molliro never quits a contract. But his agreement to locate a powerful executive’s daughter presents unexpected challenges, starting with being transported into a pocket dimension created for games. Now he finds himself standing against even more unimaginable enemies—giant robots and powerful creatures awakened from slumber deep underground.

But it’s the humans of this wasteland who pose the greatest danger.

All Riyun can do is rely on his training and determination to keep him alive. And as time runs out in his search for the young woman, the choices become tougher. No rescue, no money, sure—but the dead can’t spend their payday.

Get your copy of the third installment in this action-packed series, and follow the Warlords of Dust.



In a world of infinite possibilities, even your worst enemy isn’t certain.

The search for their kidnapped target has taken Riyun’s mercenary team to a world of magic and dragons and a future where robots and monsters battle in a wasteland. Now he must guide them through a devastated future of ghosts and ruin. It’s a world that threatens to destroy them all.

But the world isn’t completely dead, offering an oasis of hope. Then comes the realization their mission is over. Now Riyun must decide whether to take on a new contract or try to return to their own dimension.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever easy. Accepting the mission means risking nightmare and death. Turning it down could mean the end of both his own dimension and the pocket dimension they’re stuck in.

Grab your copy of Mirror of Souls and take another trip into the Infinite Realms..



To stand against the empire is certain death, but turning away is worse.

Just as Riyun’s quest to find the woman who has eluded his team ends, everything is turned upside down. In this realm, a new empire threatens billions. Nothing can stand against this power, but fleeing means surrender.

While he fights to keep his team together, Riyun finds himself torn between his family and the mission he accepted. No matter which decision he makes, someone he loves will die.

Pick up the fifth installment in the thrilling Infinite Realms science fiction action-adventure series today, and experience the struggle against the Dread Empire.




He agreed to one last job, and that job is going to kill him.

After rescuing his quarry, Riyun thought they would be heading back to their home dimension. Instead, he finds himself traveling to a new realm: Wizard University. Magic corrupts this realm, and it threatens to destroy his team.

But it’s not just old enemies out to kill the ones he loves, and the danger extends far beyond anything he could have expected.

Grab the scintillating conclusion to this science fiction adventure and complete the journey Through Infinite Realms.

The Rimes Trilogy

A military SF series with techno thriller, horror, and intrigue elements, all very cyberpunk in their own way. It's the introduction to the On the Brink universe.



World peace can be deadly.

Humans discover alien technology and start colonizing worlds outside the solar system. Genetic modification produces miracles. Science advances the human condition. And, for the first time in history, the nations of the world have achieved real peace with each other.

But only the elite truly benefit from all the advancements. Most people are still trapped on an Earth ruined by chemical pollution, nuclear accidents, and chaotic weather changes. Rebellious "genies"--genetically engineered servants--cause more harm than good. And global corporations have stripped the idea of nations and freedom of any real meaning.

Sergeant Jack Rimes is no stranger to intrigue. The U.S. Army Special Forces operator lives in a time where every nation on Earth is at peace… but there are plenty of secrets to go around. As corporate greed threatens humanity, genetically engineered humans are making international mayhem of their own.

After his unplanned reassignment to the Intelligence Bureau, Jack is tasked with tracking down a rogue agent implicated in a political assassination. As he and his new partner, an old flame, search the globe for answers, the truth shakes him to his core. The powers-that-be may not be very interested in keeping humanity alive…

Momentary Stasis is the first book in a provocative series of grimdark military sci-fi novels full of intrigue, horror, and action that unflinchingly explores the impact of technology and unbridled greed on humanity. If you like gritty, flawed protagonists, tech-heavy thrillers, and incredible new worlds, then you’ll love the first installment from PR Adams’ provocative new series.



Trouble doesn't wait until you're ready.

Jack Rimes foiled the genies' plot to steal the United States' space fleet, but he made a powerful enemy. Now that enemy is back, and it's looking for revenge.

The global order is transitioning to a new state, and with change comes extraordinary pain.

Militaries across the world are being reduced in size, with no thought about what it means to have millions of unemployed soldiers and no future prospects. At the forefront is the United States military, which has been forced to cut into operational readiness at an unprecedented rate.

Worse, the military leadership still has its eyes on fighting old wars--armor, aircraft, and ocean-going vessels.

But the new battleground is in space, and only Rimes understands this new paradigm.

When the genies stage a coup that nearly causes the collapse of the new world order, it falls on Lieutenant Jack Rimes to lead the hunt with his Elite Response Force. Aided by the Intelligence Bureau's own secret weapon, will Rimes's vision and determination be enough to stop the genies from their genocidal quest, or will their plan to destroy their creators come to fruition?



What do you do when everything you love is taken from you?

Before the genies fled human space, they tested Jack Rimes. He survived their attacks and became stronger.

Now the real enemy has been revealed, and it's more inhuman than the genies ever were.

The metacorporations fled Earth when the United Nations cracked down on labor abuses, pollution, and playing one nation against another. But the metacorporations need Earth and the colonies to survive, so they've come back. With a vengeance.

Rimes has seen cold-blooded warfare before, but the metacorporate soldiers--encased in synthetic bodies--have lost any connection with humanity. Their tactics are horrific, their willingness to commit atrocities boundless.

And with Rimes, they push too far.

What will he do once he has no reason to live? What will be his judgment?



How does an honorable man survive in a corrupt world?

Jack Rimes is a good person caught up in a grim and dark future where galaxy-spanning corporations exert terrible influence over governments. Technology improves the lives of the elite, but things have never been worse for the average person. The options are limited for those who still live on an Earth devastated by economic, industrial, and ecological calamity. Those desperate enough flee to the colony worlds. Anyone looking for a chance at something more than abject poverty pursue a military career.

Rimes is a Commando, a special forces operator who does the dirty work to maintain a fragile global peace, but the strain on his family is devastating. His rise through the ranks only exposes him to more of the dark secrets kept from the general populace. Now collected into a boxed set, the trilogy is an introduction into a gripping universe.

Buy The Rimes Trilogy now, and step into this intriguing universe!

The metacorporations fled Earth when the United Nations cracked down on labor abuses, pollution, and playing one nation against another. But the metacorporations need Earth and the colonies to survive, so they've come back. With a vengeance.

Rimes has seen cold-blooded warfare before, but the metacorporate soldiers--encased in synthetic bodies--have lost any connection with humanity. Their tactics are horrific, their willingness to commit atrocities boundless.

And with Rimes, they push too far.

What will he do once he has no reason to live? What will be his judgment?

The Stefan Mendoza Series

A cyberpunk thriller series that comes before the Rimes Trilogy and introduces the On the Brink universe.


BOOK 1 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

He does the government’s dirty work. When he’s double-crossed by one of his own, he’ll stop at nothing to take out the trash.

Korea, 22nd Century. Surrender isn’t in Stefan Mendoza’s DNA. So when a traitor betrays his black-ops team, he alone pushes through the torture and escapes with revenge burning in his mind. On the verge of a systems failure, he taps into his underground network for a set of cybernetic limbs. But his high-tech recovery comes at a heavy price— an assassination hit on a rising political star.

Filled with resentment for the cutthroat world of contract killers, he uses the hit job as a cover to track down the traitor. When he discovers he’s competing with other assassins for the same political target, he starts to piece together a sinister conspiracy that could lead him straight to the shadowy figure behind his betrayal.

Trapped within a hotbed of corruption, can Mendoza exact his revenge and win his freedom or will he spiral deeper into the twisted game of brokered death?

Into Twilight is the first book in The Stefan Mendoza Trilogy of high-octane cyberpunk techno-thrillers. If you like street-smart soldiers, complex conspiracies, and immersive sci-fi settings, then you'll love P.R. Adams noir-style page-turner.

Buy Into Twilight to take a walk on the dark side of justice today!


BOOK 2 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

Wounded. Alone. Wanted for a murder he didn't commit.

Stefan Mendoza is a broken man. The last thing he cares about now is revenge against the people who betrayed him. All he wants is peace. To hide out, he returns home to a town that seems isolated from the world collapsing around him.

But can he really escape the world of the Agency? Can anyone ever really go home again?

Strap in for Gone Dark, and get started on this unforgettable, fast-paced cyberpunk thriller.


BOOK 3 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

In espionage, there are only two types of agents: active and dead.

Stefan Mendoza tried to walk away from the business, but the Agency wouldn't let him. The Metacorporate Initiative has changed the world, and his bitter enemy has thrown in with one of the biggest of the new corporate powers. The race is to rebuild the recently destroyed AI has put a premium on elite software architects.

If Mendoza can wrangle the most coveted architect team, he'll make enough to disappear forever. But can he allow someone to recreate the AI that wants him dead?

Pick up End State to see the thrilling conclusion to this cyberpunk trilogy!


BOOKS 1-3 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

Assassin. Cyborg. Avenger.

Stefan Mendoza spent his life doing the government’s dirty work until he was double-crossed by one of his own.

When a traitor betrays Mendoza's black-ops team, only he can push through the torture and escape. But he has to put dreams of revenge on the back burner, because the world has changed while he's been out of circulation. To survive, he must tap into his underground network.

Mendoza's quest for vengeance pits him against assassins of every stripe. He quickly discovers that relying on the trust he spent decades building could be fatal. Betrayal, corruption, and a labyrinth of conspiracies threaten not just his quest for revenge but his chance at winning his freedom.

The Stefan Mendoza Trilogy is a high-octane cyberpunk techno-thriller you won't easily forget. Complex conspiracies and intrigue combine to make an immersive, noir-style sci-fi world.

Pick up this series and take a walk on the dark side of justice!


BOOK 4 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

He’s a fish out of water, but he still has a bite.

Stefan Mendoza was the world’s deadliest assassin. When he’s forced out of retirement by disaster, the only work he can find is with a rotten corporate executive. The job: Locate an invaluable secret prototype stolen by the couriers hired to transport it.

But it’s the grotesque murders preceding the theft that interest Mendoza. And as the hunt goes on, the bodies keep piling up.

Pick up Split Image, the first book in the new The Human Deception Mendoza trilogy and dive into the dark underbelly of intrigue and crime!


BOOK 5 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

They tried to kill him, now there’s nowhere to hide.

As an assassin, Stefan Mendoza learned to never trust anyone, not even his employer. Now he’s learning that lesson all over again. After his employer betrays him, the only options are to run or fight back.

Mendoza never runs.

With time running out and enemies operating around the globe, the chase is on. The only solution is to burn them all to the ground or die trying.

For a thrilling look into the dark future, grab Hard Burn, the latest pulse-pounding chapter in the Stefan Mendoza cyberpunk series today.


BOOK 6 of The Stefan Mendoza Series

A mysterious weapon. Synthetic humans. Corporate espionage.

Stefan Mendoza is running out of time, running out of money, and running out of luck. Wherever he turns, people try to kill him. Only his shrinking circle of friends can be trusted—or can they?

To save his reputation, means risking all he values. Does he have the determination to see this through, or will his humanity turn him away?

Pick up Null Point to experience the action-packed conclusion to the thrilling cyberpunk trilogy, The Human Deception.

Elite Response Force

A military SF series with techno thriller, horror, and intrigue elements, all very cyberpunk in their own way. The follow-on series to the Rimes Trilogy and part of the On the Brink universe.



The hunt is on.

The Elite Response Force won the Metacorporate War. Now ERF interim commander Captain Lonny Meyers leads the battered unit. Their first mission: apprehend former SunCorps CEO Chad Milton Waverley, the architect behind the war.

The hunt takes Meyers and the ERF to Turning Point, a powder keg of a city on a frontier colony world far from Earth, run by a strongman armed with military-grade weapons systems. With limited resources and a mandate to not endanger relations with the frontier colonies, Meyers must locate Waverley before time runs out.

But there’s more to Turning Point and Waverley than anyone could have expected, and it may spell the end for the ERF.

For action-packed, high-octane military science fiction, pick up Turning Point today!



Bring fugitive war criminal Chad Milton Waverley to justice or be shut down. That’s the mandate facing Colonel Lonny Meyers and the Elite Response Force, and time is running out.

When a tip falls into Meyers’s lap that a huge mercenary army is building up on an unoccupied planet—exactly the sort of defense that would be needed to protect Waverley—there’s no other option but to commit the depleted ERF. To survive, they desperately need reinforcements and systems upgrades. Instead, the United Nations sends Priya Timkul, a Special Envoy who appears to have her own agenda. Her "assistance" only makes things worse.

And as problems and casualties mount on the mission, Meyers comes to the realization that the greatest threat to the ERF might be him.

Pick up your copy of this action-packed book today, and follow the Elite Response Force into the Valley of Death.



Everything has changed for Colonel Lonny Meyers.

When the Elite Response Force was nearly wiped out on the remote planet Siberia, he discovered something completely unexpected: an AI. Now Special Agent Dana Kleigshoen has come to him with a new mission, one that will take a select group far away, on a hunt deep into the gloomy landscape of a distant world. Their objective: an enemy intent on wiping out all humanity.

Will Meyers and the ERF succeed, or will they be lost forever in the darkness?

Action and intrigue await in the military science fiction thriller Jungle Dark.



The war against the SunCorps AI has begun.

Hours ago, Colonel Lonny Meyers found himself in a new type of war. It was a war where the Elite Response Force was pitted against an intelligence far greater than any of them could comprehend. It was a war to save humanity from obsolescence. And it was a war he was losing.

Now Lonny must work with an entirely new group of personnel to destroy a shipyard the AI has been using to create a fleet to rival anything Earth can launch.

But a traitor puts the mission in danger of failing before it even begins.

Chariot Bright: A unique military science fiction thriller you won't forget.



It's the final battle for survival.

Once again, Special Agent Dana Kleigshoen has embroiled the Elite Response Force in the struggle against the AI that's been trying to wipe out the human race. But the AI isn't the only enemy Colonel Lonny Meyers has to contend with.

In fact, he can't be sure who to trust as factions shift and truths become lies and lies become mysteries. As if that's not enough, his sanity is threatened by the awareness transfers that are necessary to combat a galaxy-spanning enemy.

This mind-bending military science fiction epic concludes with the thrilling DAWN FIRE!


Bounty hunters and mercenaries operating on the deadly fringes of space.



Chanda has a particular set of skills.

She needs money, and the only way she can make it is to become a bounty hunter—a freelancer. Lancer for short. And the big money? That’s out in the frontier colonies.

When she takes a job on a remote mining colony, things look promising.

But when she goes after the bounty for some dangerous targets, the trouble is worse than advertised, and the colony’s buried history rises up to threaten everyone.

Now Chanda’s not worried about money; she’s worried about surviving.



No problem has ever been too big for Mariana. Until now.

When religious fanatics take control of a town on a frontier colony world, Mariana’s team of Lancers must try to rescue the only person who can bring back order.

Lies, schemes, and dark secrets quickly put Mariana to the test. When she discovers the web of intrigue behind her hiring, she realizes that no one can be trusted and that the mission is untenable.

But she has reasons of her own for taking this job and can’t just walk away.

Can Mariana uncover the truth behind the strange goings on, or will her own secrets be her undoing?



One mistake can mark you for a lifetime.

Matthias “Go” Goonetilleke is a detective with exceptional instincts, but he always screws up the deal in the end.

Now hunted by powerful elements from the Earth government, Go has to find his way in colonized space. Newcastle colony's mix of opportunity and anonymity seems perfect, until he runs into an old flame looking to partner with him again for the job of a lifetime. Someone keeps leaking a company's top secret research data to competitors, and the company will pay top dollar to the Lancers who can shut that leak down. It's the perfect opportunity—if only Go can avoid making one of his critical mistakes.

But something about the job isn't quite right, and he realizes that this time an error might be fatal…for everyone.

Dive into the thrilling Lancers series with Dire Straits, the riveting third installment.



Bounty hunters, detectives, mercenaries—people with a particular set of skills.

Four people with secrets to keep, each drawn to the fringes of human space. Three tales of mystery and suspense.

A bounty hunter arrives on a mining colony, desperate for work, which she finds. But is she ready for what awaits her deep underground?

A mercenary takes an assignment on a frontier colony world where a small group of religious zealots threaten to undo the fragile balance with the colonial government. Is she there to rescue the man who hired her team, or is there some other game at play?

A private detective on the run finds himself caught up in the machinations of a research firm on the edge of collapse and the criminal underworld. And there’s more—a hidden threat that could undo everything the detective has worked so hard to accomplish.

Grab this collection today, and launch yourself into the world of the Lancers.



Secrets and lies can get you killed.

Benji Chan is a Gridhound, an elite hacker. In fact, she’s the best hacker ever known. And she’s put together an expert team of Lancers—bounty hunters, detectives, and mercenaries. Now all she has to do is keep them together.

Their first job seems simple enough: Find the spy who’s trying to steal valuable industrial secrets on a remote colony world. But nothing’s ever as simple as it appears. Lies and betrayal quickly destroy the team’s trust in each other and in their employer, and the job itself is nothing like they expected.

Will this be the opportunity of a lifetime, or will it be the last thing they ever do?

The Lancers series is full of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Grab your copy now, and enjoy the thrilling twists and turns that come with Dark Secrets.



When the greatest manhunt ends, will the hunter prevail or the hunted?

Every bounty hunter dreams of the big payday. Benji is no different. After decades living behind masks and lies, her life is coming undone. She’ll do anything to complete this mission—a mission entire governments and militaries have failed to complete: Kill the man behind the most devastating war in human history.

But her prey hasn’t evaded the hunters for all these years by being sloppy. He has connections and money.

When the time comes, Benji must ask herself if the price is too high. The wrong decision will cost her everything.

Grab the latest chapter in the thrilling cyberpunk tale of the Lancers today!



An unexplained death. A controversial hero. A world coming apart.

All Benji ever wanted was the chance to be who she used to be. Now she can’t outrun the lies and manipulation anymore. Desperate for the next big job, she returns to the planet that nearly killed her to solve the mysterious death of a military hero in a war against an unknown enemy.

With time running out, the pressure is on to produce a satisfactory resolution. But nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.

Grab the final chapter of this thrilling space opera series to understand the surprising Domino Effect.

Burning Sands

A post-apocalyptic series set in a failing world where efforts to save mankind have gone terribly awry.



Earth is dying and humanity's only hope of survival will be somewhere among the stars. Ambitious MBA graduate Reggie Lee thought defense contractor Frontierza was a perfect fit for his first job. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Frontierza’s work on advanced hibernation technology for sleeper colony ships isn’t sexy, but what matters to Reggie is that he will have an extremely visible role leading the first team to test the technology in a month-long cryogenic sleep. The proposition is simple. Succeed and humanity has a real chance of finding a new home before Earth’s ecosystem completely collapses. Fail and … you don’t wake up. For someone who lives on the edge, the upside outweighs the risk.

But the world Reggie wakes to is nothing like he expected.

Pick up your copy of this suspenseful post-apocalyptic tale and see what lies Beneath Burning Sands!



For Reggie Lee, surviving fifty years in suspended animation was the easy part. Waking to a new world could very well be his death.

On this tortured earth, humanity is gone, wiped out by war, replaced by Cro-Magnons and something known as sharpteeth. But questions remain about the world outside: Who created these cavemen and sharpteeth? What caused the war? Are there any humans still alive? Reggie must survive the harsh desert if he wants the answers that await him in the ruins of Las Vegas.

Get book two of this thrilling post-apocalyptic series and see what dangers lie Across Burning Sands.



The deadliest hunter is human.

Reggie Lee has survived the nightmarish, genetically engineered horrors of Cro-Magnons and sharpteeth that ruled the ruins of Las Vegas. Now he must face the greatest threat of all: another human.

Snake is a former rival from the world before the cataclysm, and he has declared war on all other humans. To survive, Reggie must find more answers, because fighting Snake will require a strength Reggie might not have. But if he can't stop Snake, humanity truly is doomed.

Read book three of this horrifying post-apocalyptic series and see if you can go Beyond Burning Sands.


BOOK 1-3

Sometimes, waking is worse than the nightmare.

Earth is dying and humanity's only hope of survival will be somewhere among the stars. When Reggie Lee joins defense contractor Frontierza, the company's work on advanced hibernation technology for sleeper colony ships seems the perfect career starter. He has the opportunity to lead the first team to test the technology in a month-long cryogenic sleep.

But the world Reggie wakes to is nothing like he expects. It's a world where life is cheap and only the strong survive.

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When the Earth burned, the lucky ones died.

Major Gabby Alonso was as broken as her world, but she wouldn't let that stop her. Through determination and strength, she rose to lead a team of specialized soldiers and scientists. They trained to reclaim the Earth from ruin three centuries after entering suspended animation.

But something went wrong, and Alonso woke to a world that was nothing like she expected. It's not just a climate disaster trying to kill her but the artificial intelligence meant to assist her.

Now Alonso must find a way out of the Cheyenne Mountain facility designed to protect her team from the world outside before it turns into her tomb.

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A changed world. A deadly world.

Major Gabby Alonso woke to violence and an AI bent on killing her. She wasn't ready to die.

Now she has to lead the last remnants of her team into the world they were supposed to rebuild, to reclaim from centuries-old ruins.

While the world has changed, it's nothing like the training and simulations had taught her to expect. Except, that is, for its lethality.

Petty tyrants, misguided pacifists, bloodthirsty marauders—Alonso can trust no one, racing from one threat to the next, always trying to stay just ahead of death on her way to find the peaceful promise of someone named Reggie Lee.

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Sometimes war is the only option.

Major Gabby Alonso spent her entire life battling adversity. For her final mission, she vowed to save the world from self-destruction or die trying, and she won't back down. Now she faces the greatest challenge she's ever known.

Unfortunately, she has blood on her hands, and her enemies won't forget what she's done.

Her only hope is to head for Las Vegas, which promises safety and security. But if she wants to reach this destination, she'll have to pass through deadly territory.

When the radio transmission calling Alonso to this sanctuary goes silent, she worries she might be walking into a trap. With enemies closing in, she has to choose: face impossible odds or continue the risky journey.

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When the Earth burned, the lucky ones died.

Major Gabby Alonso was as broken as her world, but she wouldn't let that stop her. Through determination and strength, she rose to lead a team of specialized soldiers and scientists. They trained to reclaim the Earth from ruin three centuries after entering suspended animation.

But something went wrong, and Alonso woke to a world that was nothing like she expected. It's not just a climate disaster trying to kill her but the artificial intelligence meant to assist her.

Now Alonso must find a way out of the Cheyenne Mountain facility designed to protect her team from the world outside before it turns into her tomb.

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Danger is the only constant.

Reggie Lee is a survivor, fending off genetically engineered nightmares and raving lunatics. Now all he wants is a chance to raise his son in peace. But some evils will never rest.

After killing Reggie’s wife, the Dark Angels assassins won’t stop until he joins her, and they may not even be the deadliest threat.

To save those he loves, is Reggie willing to become as ruthless as his enemies?

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Everyone has a limit.

Reggie Lee believes in peace and cooperation, in working toward the greater good. He prefers compromise to violence.

Then they burned down his home and took his child.

Now he’ll stop at nothing to get his son back. Pity anyone who gets in his way.

In a world where death is only a gunshot, sword slash, or infection away, survival is never easy. See the dark, thrilling future in To Burning Sands.



Wheels within wheels.

Rescuing the survivors of Nellis Station should have been the end of Reggie Lee’s efforts. It’s only the beginning.

Just as he finds the last of his people a new home, along comes another threat.

If he chooses to ignore the threat, he can spare the lives of his loved ones, but many others will die. Can he turn away from those who’ve turned away from him, or will that make him even worse than those he despises?

This thrilling post-apocalyptic survival tale concludes with the final battle for humanity’s fate On Burning Sands.

The Chain

The Chain is a twelve-book supernatural suspense/magical realism series, also taken from my previous comic book concepts. This series should appeal to readers who enjoy contemporary fantasy and horror. It follows the story of Elliot Saganash and Tamment McPhee, two young heirs to a destiny neither wants.



You can't escape fate.

Elliot Saganash and Tammy McPhee are special. Descendants of shamans and trained in mysticism, they are the hope of the future for their guardians, the Elders. But neither Elliot nor Tammy wants any part in what they see as hokey nonsense.

When Elliot decides to return to Manitoba to attend college, Tammy feels abandoned by the one person who had always been there for her. She runs away from the Elders rather than be left alone with them in the creepy old place they call home. But tragedy brings both teens back to the place they abandoned, and they soon discover that what they thought were silly old beliefs were actually real all along.

While Elliot struggles with his identity and the uncomfortable realization he might have been wrong to dismiss his destiny, Tammy struggles with her own identity and the challenges facing any young woman. Before long, they realize that they must learn to use the magic they scorned if they are to have any hope of surviving the ancient powers that want them dead.

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What will be your salvation?

Just when Elliot Saganash starts to bring his life under control, his onetime best friend Tammy McPhee steps back into the picture to tear it all apart.

Elliot's time as a student at the University of Manitoba has been stressful, to say the least. A new girlfriend, too much coursework ... it's all overwhelming. And then Tammy calls to tell him she's out of juvenile detention and returning to Harrison Mansion, the home they shared with the Elders before an ancient spirit changed everything. After what happened the last time Tammy was alone there, Elliot knows he must return to the mansion for a showdown with her. But convincing Tammy to move out isn't easy, especially when all she wants to do is fight. Things only get worse when mystic writing appears on a wall in the mansion, and Tammy calls in an archaeologist for help. When Elliot's girlfriend flies in from Manitoba for her own showdown, things quickly spiral out of control.

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Be careful when you look into the past.

When Elliot Saganash and Tammy McPhee agreed to carry on the work of the Elders, they had no idea what they were getting into. Ancient powers—gods—and their human allies wiped out the Circle, leaving only two teenagers to carry on. Now Elliot and Tammy find themselves over their heads and sinking even deeper. Their first objective: restore Harrison Mansion so that they can begin recruiting other shamans from around the world. But a chance discovery leads to unexpected good news: There might be an Elder alive in the world, one who left before the massacre that killed the others.

As Elliot struggles to overcome the losses he has suffered, he realizes he may not be able to do the one thing he was meant to do: protect Tammy. And Tammy has problems of her own, starting with a possible pregnancy. If that weren’t enough, Yuki returns. But is she ally or enemy?

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In the darkest times, the strongest light shines.

Tammy McPhee has survived vampires, ghouls, giants, and a Wendigo. Now she has to survive the loss of her best friend. Elliot Saganash was killed by a druid and his mysterious tengu allies, and his death has left a hole in her heart. To make matters worse, she’s pregnant with a child she wasn’t ready for, and her role as the only surviving Elder means she must start taking in new students.

But the Circle’s enemies aren’t content to leave Tammy alone. Even diminished, the Circle is always a target. When the FBI reaches out to Tammy for help in a mystery in Baton Rouge, LA, Tammy has no choice but to lend a hand. And when she finds herself threatened by another shaman and its deadly servant, Tammy finds herself completely over her head. To protect those she loves, she must find the strength to be a beacon of hope rather than a bringer of darkness.

Read book four in The Chain series, and explore this terrifying, action-packed, mystical world!



Never break the chain.

Elliot and Tammy only want to escape their destinies. Blessed with great power but cursed with the impatience of youth, they know there’s more to the world than the ridiculous studies they’ve been exposed to for half their lives. And nothing represents the foolishness of those studies better than the chain necklaces that supposedly magically protect them and bind them to their home.

Because who really believes in magic?

When they lose the people who had been their only family—a disparate group of mystics known as the Circle—the youngsters must set aside their differences and work together to create a home for those who will one day replace the fallen. But the Powers—the mysterious sorcerers who destroyed the Circle—won’t rest until everyone standing against them is dead. They are unrelenting and merciless, using terrible magic to send powerful ancient spirits such as the Wendigo, cihuateteo, and rakshasi against their enemies.

To survive the Powers and their allies’ horrifying attacks, Elliot and Tammy must regain the lost knowledge of the Circle before time runs out.

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