My writing journey began in 1979 with a concept that mixed fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes. I was too young then to know what to do with the idea, so I set it aside for a while. After numerous learning opportunities, including a failed comic book publishing venture, I retired that concept and began work on other ideas. A few years ago, I realized that the way to go was indie publishing. I had always hoped the day would come where I didn't have to try to find the "next big thing" unicorn that traditional publishers demanded. With indie publishing, success is measured differently. You have a chance to find your own audience, and it doesn't have to happen overnight. I've spent the last few years preparing for this indie publishing gig. I'm a speculative fiction fan, mostly science fiction and fantasy, so that's what I intend to start out with.


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Launching an Indie Publishing Career

September 2016. I took my first clumsy steps in indie publishing. A few falls and head bumps later, I ended up directly publishing to Amazon and using Draft2Digital for distribution to iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and other distributors. My first series was The Rimes Trilogy. It’s now available, as individual books or a boxed set. The…
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Genre Balkanization

I was exposed to fantasy, science fiction, and horror as a kid. In 1970s Tampa, Florida, local television programming offered up awesome giant monster movies (“Them!”), science fiction movies (“It Came From Outer Space!”), and the occasional sword and sandal film (“Jason and the Argonauts”) on late Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. Over time, Hammer…
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I Don’t Understand The Title

I’ve seen some comments in reviews and heard questions from beta readers that boil down to: “I don’t understand the title.” When I started outlining the Rimes trilogy, I had the source material (comic book scripts, short stories, the setting bible). I thought three books was the sweet spot for the story, but I didn’t…
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